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3rd Generation 4 Runner Driver's Side Rear Window Delete & Accessory Panel

Lead times for shipping are 4 - 6 weeks from time of order!

Window Delete

With the Window Delete, you have the peace of mind of no one ever accessing your vehicle though this 3/16th thick Aluminum plate. With 8 mount points using carriage bolts, this window replacement is almost literally bulletproof (but not really, it’s a figure of speech).

Exterior Accessory panel

And pair the Window Delete with our Exterior Accessory Panel, it gives you the additional exterior storage for fuel, water, showers, or other accessories to mount directly to the Window Delete. This does not require any type of roof rack for mounting as it is independent of roof racks. Nor does it use suction cups. It uses gusseted aluminum brackets welded to the backside of the panel for superior support. We don’t have a maximum weight capacity yet because we haven’t found a weight that’ll break it yet. But we can safely say it’ll hold over 300lbs comfortably.

  • Bolts to the Velox Window Delete securely
  • Laser cut 3/16" aluminum.
  • Gusseted brackets for extreme support
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Mount Rotopax fuel, water, quick fist mounts, etc.
  • Not roof rack dependent
  • Recommended 300lb weight limit per side panel
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA.