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Bungee cord for MOLLE Panel

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We offer the option of pre installing a Bungee shock cord to your Molle Panel. This is perfect for gear that doesn't have a mounting backet already The bungee is perfect for tucking gear under it and have it hold in place with ease.

Bungee shock cord has excellent quality UV resistant, marine grade stretch cord for pulleys, rigging etc. Our stretch cord allows normally better than 100% elongation and recovery making it ideal for marine, tarp, tent, trampoline, glider and industrial applications. The rubber core of our bungee shock cord is also vulcanized. 


  • 3/16” X 6ft long
  • UV treated Polypropylene jacket
  • Jacket ribbed for better gripping and knotting
  • UV and abrasion resistant.
  • Approximately 100% stretch.