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Pocket Clip Prybar - XL

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The Velox Offroad, Pocket Clip Pry Bar - Intimidator is the perfect addition to your every day carry gear! Laser cut from 3/16" stainless steel, we designed it to do everything your knife should not. Prying, breaching, scraping, digging, self defence, hammering, openeing crates or boxes, are just a few of the uses our prybar is perfect for. It's a true blade saver. The integrated clip works great for carrying on your belt or pocket and is also designed to weave perfectly with MOLLE webbing for tactical gear. You don't want to leave home with out it!

Commander - Pocket Clip Prybar

Size: 6.5" x .75" (1.125" at clip) x .1875"

Material: .1875", 304 Stainless Steel, Tumbled Finish